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Ms Sparky is your trusted Encinitas electrician.  Our electrical contractors are available to help you with all of your electrical needs, from electrical repair to lighting remodels, upgrades and other electrical services, no matter how large or small.

We provide residential electrician services that include small improvement jobs such as ceiling fan installation and electrical work, and recessed lighting installation.  For home entertainment upgrades, our electrical services include flat screen installation and integration, making Ms Sparky Electric a one-stop-shop for trusted residential electrician services in Encinitas.

But it’s not just the small jobs or quick home upgrades that you can turn to us to complete.  Our electrical contractors tackle large projects like lighting design and green technology implementation and installation.  To help you make the right choices for your home electrical needs, we offer free in-home estimates.  Simply put, you will not find a better Encinitas electrician than Ms Sparky Electric and we look forward to showing you why.

Ms Sparky Electric holds multiple business and electrical service certifications and has been recognized as a valuable, thriving local business by local and national organizations.

The Electrician Who Knows Encinitas

For years, Ms Sparky has been a top electrician in Encinitas.  With community involvement an important part of how we do business, Ms Sparky Electric has been featured in a national business publication and a video that highlights the importance of community participation, the value of local small business and the power of community involvement.

Because of the years of experience as a residential electrician and the broad range of electrical services we continue to provide to all kinds of clients, Ms Sparky Electric knows the ins and outs of Encinitas homes better than anyone.  From Encinitas home styles and building styles to the most up-to-date trends in home design and interior and lighting design, our Encinitas electricians give you more than just top tier electrical repair service.  We help you transform your home or your Encinitas business to a more beautiful, functional and on-trend space.

The recommendations and electrical upgrades that we present to you as a home or business owner are of the highest quality and take into account your needs, budgets, goals and preferences.  We know Encinitas and we know how to work with you for the best electrical contractor experience.

Home Remodel Work from Your Residential Electrician in Encinitas

Our residential remodel work includes kitchen upgrades, can light installation, ceiling fan wiring and installation, and other services that help you enhance the value of your home and the value of your experience in your home.

As a residential electrician expert, Ms Sparky Electric helps homeowners with lighting design and is able to offer all of the most up-to-date lighting options to meet design and efficiency preferences and standards.  As an Encinitas electrician, Ms Sparky Electric has expert knowledge of Title 24 compliance standards.

Encinitas Commercial Electrician

In addition to residential electrical services, Ms Sparky Electric also provides commercial electrical services in Encinitas.  Electricians from Ms Sparky Electric provide light commercial electrical work for a variety of Encinitas businesses and others throughout San Diego County.

Lighting from our electricians can be found in Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza locations all around San Diego County, as well as a conversion project for the Point Loma location of Camp-Run-A-Mutt doggie daycare.

Ms Sparky Electric is responsible for a variety of electrical repair service and other electrical services for multiple businesses across San Diego, all with trustworthy results of the highest quality.

Lighting Design Brought to You by Your Encinitas Electrician

With a superior eye for lighting layout and lighting fixture placement, Ms Sparky Electric has many satisfied lighting design customers in homes and businesses alike.

Unique for an Encinitas electrician, Ms Sparky herself has a background in art.  This helps her to come up with creative ways of bringing light and color into residential and commercial environments.  Ms Sparky shares that bringing together lighting design and electrical services is one of her favorite things to do for Encinitas home and business owners.

Providing electrical services to bring up-to-date fixtures and unique lighting design tailored to every client is a point of pride for Ms Sparky Electric that is appreciated by her many electrical services clients.  They are amazed by the kind of transformation new lighting design can bring to their space.

Green Technology and Energy Savings from Your Encinitas Electrician

Energy conservation is an essential step to protecting our shared planet.  There are a variety of ways in which your electrician can help you to conserve energy in your home or office, while also improving your experience and saving you money on energy bills.

Our electricians can install lighting control systems, dimmers and occupancy sensors, all of which help you to control and reduce your energy use while enhancing your lighting experience.  We install LED lighting that can improve energy consumption and offers you more options for lighting control.  Every Encinitas electrician that we send to your home or office understands Title 24 compliance to ensure that you are meeting standards and conserving energy.

LED Lighting vs Standard Incandescent Bulbs

LED Lighting

Converts 80% of energy to light

Average lifespan = 100,000 hours

Incandescent Bulb

Converts 20% of energy to light

Average life span = 5,000 hours

You don’t have to be an electrician to see, right off the bat, how much of a difference LED lights can make in meeting your energy saving goals.  LEDs can also be easier to maintain, making them a good choice for electrical contractors and our clients.  Our electrical contractors often recommend LED lighting for areas that are hard to access, like high ceilings, not only for the quality of light they offer but because they need to be changed so much less frequently than incandescent bulbs.

Unlike incandescent bulbs and some other lighting options, LEDs are non-toxic and mercury-free.  LED lighting does not emit UV radiation.  More and more, our electrical contractors in Encinitas are installing LEDs as an alternative to incandescent bulbs for recessed lighting.  As LEDs increase in popularity, we are also seeing the cost of LED lighting coming down, even as the quality of LED lighting is improving.

In addition to the energy saving aspects of LEDs, that our electrical contractors are happy to outline for you in more detail, LEDs also deliver an experience that many of our electrical services clients prefer.  LEDs are fully dimmable, allowing you not only to save on energy use and energy cost but to have control over the lighting experience in your home or office.

Encinitas Electrical Services: Panel Upgrades/New Circuits

Many homes and businesses that are more than 20 years old are ready for electrical upgrades for improved performance and energy savings. More than just electrical repair services, an electrician from Ms Sparky Electric is able to work with you on getting the right electrical upgrades for your space.

Many appliances that we use every day, especially those that have been in the home for a long time, including convection and microwave ovens, TVs and home computers, draw significant amounts of power. For this reason, a typical 100 Amp panel is often inadequate to meet the power demands from a typical Encinitas home.

Many of our electrical services customers choose to upgrade to a 200 Amp electrical panel.  The 200 Amp panel is the standard in contemporary construction and a smart electrical upgrade for homes that are a little older.  For panel upgrades, Ms Sparky pulls all of the necessary permits and coordinates with SDG&E and with the city that has jurisdiction in your area. As the next step in the process we have an Encinitas electrician perform a load calculation to prevent overloads to your updated electrical system.

Often, homeowners do not need a full panel upgrade but they do need new circuits.  Many times, upgrading or installing one or two new circuits is all that your Encinitas electrician needs to do to give you the kind of power and reliability you need in your kitchen or bathroom remodel. In these cases, your Encinitas electrician is able to install new circuits into the existing power service without having to go through the time and expense that a full panel upgrade requires.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installs from Your Encinitas Electrician


If you own an electric vehicle, an EV home charging station can make your life much easier!  Ms Sparky installs home car charging stations for electric vehicles in Encinitas, and provides electric vehicle charging station installation for Encinitas businesses.

Home Car Charging Station: EV Charging Station Installation for Your Electric Vehicle

Your Encinitas electrician comes out to your house to install the right home car charging station for your specific type of electric vehicle.  For instance, the home car charging station that we install for a Chevy Volt will be slightly different from the one we install for the Nissan Leaf or the Tesla.  Our expert knowledge of home electric car charging stations, as well as our electrical expertise as a whole, means that you can trust us to install the right EV home charging station for you.

With safety and efficiency in mind, our Encinitas electrician makes sure that every electric vehicle charging installation meets all electrical codes.  In addition to meeting electrical codes for Encinitas home charging stations, all of the home electric car charging stations that our electrical contractors install are set up properly for your electric vehicle model and to meet your needs.

About Encinitas

A Southern California beach city in the coastal area of North County San Diego, Encinitas includes the 92023 and 92024 ZIP codes. Encinitas was incorporated in 1986.  It encompasses roughly 20 square miles. Encinitas is generally divided into five areas: Leucadia, New and Old Encinitas, Cardiff-by-the-Sea and Olivenhain. According to the most recent Census data, Encinitas has a population of 59,518 and an estimated 24,082 households.

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